Who is The Candy Stripe Nurse?

Tiffany Allen is a Registered General Nurse who earned her Bachelors of Science nursing degree from the prestigious The University of the West Indies School of Nursing in 2011. Her nursing journey officially began in 2012 where she got her first job working at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in her hometown- Mt. Salem, Montego Bay. Since then she has garnered experiences in medical- surgical nursing, emergency care, cardiovascular care and primary health care.

Tiffany’s passion for nursing goes well beyond the bedside. It was this passion that motivated her to start The Candy Stripe Nurse blog and venture into becoming an entrepreneur. As a result of her deep love for her career she wanted to promote the profession not only as nurses offering care to patients in a hospital setting but making it known that there is more to nursing than what has been perceived since nursing existed.

Nurse Allen’s journey has not been without moments when she wanted to give up even to the point where she began to question if nursing was her calling. There were times she wanted to take the easy road but her passion and determination motivated her to keep pressing on until her dreams became a reality. She takes pride in her career. When she is not actively providing care to patients, encouraging colleagues or students she enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends.